Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth Treatments in Fredericksburg, VA

At Freedom Family Dentistry we make it our business to protect and save your teeth in order to maintain your beautiful smile. However, in order to improve your oral health, it is sometimes necessary to do a tooth extraction for one that may be broken, diseased, painful, or crowding your other teeth.

Comfortable Dental Tooth Extraction

Patient sitting before dental tooth extraction at Freedom Family Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA.We understand how difficult the management of dental pain can be. If you are suffering from a diseased or broken tooth, our Fredericksburg dentist may recommend extracting it to alleviate your pain and create a healthier oral environment.

Our Fredericksburg dentist will make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. A variety of sedation options are available. We will also discuss your options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants or bridges. We can usually place dental implants on the same day you have an extraction, eliminating the time you spend without a tooth. Whether resulting from a dental emergency, accident, or just long term dental issues, we are glad to offer the option of tooth extraction and replacement choices in a comfortable family environment.

Wisdom Teeth Services

Because wisdom teeth often cause pain and create crowding as they erupt into other teeth, they are often removed during the teen or young adult years. Thanks to our in-house CT scanner, we can pinpoint the exact development and location of each of these teeth, to predict future problems. Should they need to be extracted, most of our patients receive IV sedation during the procedure, which greatly increases the comfort level and our doctor’s efficiency during treatment.

If you have a painful dental emergency or would like to discuss extractions and wisdom teeth options, please call us today

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