Pediatric Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA

Wouldn’t you love the convenience of caring for all of your family’s dental health needs, in one location?

At Freedom Family Dentistry, we offer everything your family needs to enjoy optimal dental wellness, in one convenient location. You don’t need to drive all over town. Simply make one appointment for the whole family!

We Love Kids…

child visiting Freedom Family Dentistry in Fredericksburg… and it shows! We know the importance of creating a fun, positive dental experience for your child. Too often, traumatic dental visits can result in a life-long fear of dentists. Not only is your child’s oral health our priority, so is establishing a good relationship that will promote an enthusiasm for good dental habits for the rest of their life.

That begins with a knowledgeable, friendly team and comfort options, to ensure they enjoy their visit to our office. Nitrous oxide is available to help your child relax and make any necessary procedures pass more quickly

An Ounce of Prevention

Along with routine cleanings and exams, we also offer sealants and fluoride treatments to our pediatric patients. Fluoride helps promote healthy teeth by remineralizing weak areas and promoting healthier teeth. Dental sealants are a “painted” barrier that’s applied to the deep grooves and pits of back teeth. It blocks cavity-causing acids from settling into tiny areas that are harder to keep clean.

Minimally Invasive Restorations

We strive to get your child off to the best oral start with proper oral hygiene education, but it’s easy for children, whose fine motor skills are still developing, to have difficulty properly caring for their teeth. When cavities set in, prompt care is important to prevent infection and tooth loss. We offer small, white fillings to correct decay before it has a chance to spread deeper.

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