Dental Bridge and Dental Crown Services in Fredericksburg, VA

If a lost or damaged tooth is causing you embarrassment, the skilled team at Freedom Family Dentistry can have you smiling in no time! We can restore your missing teeth, and your confidence, with a custom-crafted dental crown or dental bridge for your natural teeth or dental implants.

Not only does a missing tooth affect the look of your smile, it also impacts your oral health. That extra space between your teeth can cause your teeth to shift out of alignment. Misaligned teeth are more prone to injury, premature wear and tooth decay, due to the difficulty of thoroughly cleaning them. Your best smile begins with a simple call to your Fredericksburg dentist.

Dental Bridges - A Simple Solution For Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that’s either supported by the adjacent healthy teeth or dental implants. The bridge spans the gap in your teeth, being anchored on either side with healthy teeth, by a fixture similar to a dental crown. In between the anchor teeth, carefully crafted prosthetic teeth seamlessly blend into your existing smile. Alternatively, your prosthetic replacement teeth can be supported by titanium posts, or “artificial tooth roots” that are implanted securely in the bone of your jaw for a strong, durable restoration.

Custom Dental Crowns

At Freedom Family Dentistry, we often recommend dental crowns for teeth that can no longer be repaired with a filling. A crown is simply a protective cap that covers your remaining healthy tooth, above the gumline.

Graphic image of a dental crown you can find at part of services at Freedom Family Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA.It protects your tooth from additional damage and everyday wear, while restoring the appearance, feel and function of your natural tooth. We often recommend crowns for teeth that:

  • Have large, failed fillings
  • Suffer from extensive decay
  • Undergo root canal therapy
  • Are severely fractured or worn

If you’re ready to restore or enhance your smile with a dental bridge or custom porcelain crown, call our Fredericksburg office today.

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