Sedation Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA

Is dental anxiety preventing you from enjoying the healthy or beautiful smile you’ve always deserved? At Freedom Family Dentistry, it doesn’t have to, so call for your appointment today. Our Fredericksburg dentist has everything you need to help put your mind at ease.

Male patient sleeping after dental sedationWe offer several sedation comfort options, to help you feel relaxed enough to enjoy your dental experience. Sedation is very helpful for patients who…

  • Suffer from mild to severe dental phobia
  • Have had a traumatic dental experience in their past
  • Prefer to complete complicated procedures in a single visit
  • Would like to be more comfortable during more complex procedures

Oral Anti-Anxiety Medication

A prescription anxiety medication can help calm your nerves and ease your mind, prior to and during your procedure. If you’ve delayed care because of the way you feel about going to the dentist in general, this is a great solution!

Nitrous Oxide

Administered through a soft nose mask, nitrous oxide gas will allow you to float free from your anxieties and will make it seem as though your visit is flying by fairly quickly. Your procedure will be done before you know it, and sensitive areas in your mouth should feel more comfortable than normal. Plus, the effects are quickly reversible. Within moments, you’ll feel like yourself again and be able to resume your normal daily activities, with no aftereffects from the gas.

IV Sedation

For more extensive dental procedures or cases of severe dental phobia, you can receive intravenous sedation during your dental treatment. Intravenous (IV) sedation is professionally administered and monitored for your optimal safety at all times.

You Can Do This, We Can Help!

At Freedom Family Dentistry, our priority is your comfort and your health. If dental anxiety is holding you back from restoring your dental health or making over your smile, let us know so that we can make every effort to accommodate your needs. Call our Fredericksburg office today to schedule a sedation consultation with us.

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