Tooth Filling and Root Canal Services in Fredericksburg, VA

At Freedom Family Dentistry, we know the struggle of suffering with a painful tooth and the urgency to get relief. Our Fredericksburg dentist is here to help if you need to have a tooth filling for a cavity, or require a root canal. Although they can both be caused by the spread of tooth decay, trauma or accidental injuries could also be to blame.

Comfortable Tooth Filling

woman smiling after getting a dental filling at Freedom Family DentistryTooth decay is caused by bacteria that erodes the enamel. Placing a small tooth filling can restore the tooth and prevent the cavity’s ability to spread deeper into the tooth.

In most cases, we recommend minimally-invasive, white fillings. If cavities are not treated promptly, they can lead to pain or infection, such as an abscessed tooth - and a more expensive treatment down the road!

Root Canal Therapy

If a crack or cavity reaches far enough into the tooth, it can cause the nerve to become infected. In those cases, our Fredericksburg dentist will use a small x-ray or CT scan to assess the exact situation with your tooth before performing a root canal. The infected nerve tissues are removed, and the root chamber is filled to seal out bacteria. Finally, the tooth will need to be covered with a crown.

We offer different types of sedation to help with your comfort level throughout your treatment. Please be sure to let us know how we can assist you during your procedure, as we seek to provide treatment in a comfortable setting.

Experiencing a toothache? Does your tooth feel broken? Our Fredericksburg dentist will offer you a choice of the most beneficial treatments and work quickly to help alleviate your pain. Don’t forget that we have extended office hours! Call today to schedule an exam.

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