SERVING THE Fredericksburg, VA AREA

Kristie Woeckener

I am a new patient with Dr. Neibauer after a horrendous experience with another dental practice in Fredericksburg. The contrast cannot be overstated: where they were sloppy and inattentive, Dr. N. and his staff have been very professional and personable; where they left me in pain every minute of every day for a year and a half, Dr. N. has corrected the situation in a matter of days; where they did not explain anything, Dr. N. will answer my questions until I am satisfied. I have now seen how a crown procedure is supposed to go and how teeth are supposed to be adjusted. I thought that I would be doomed to pain for the rest of my life, but now I am optomistic for the future of my teeth. Dr. N.'s technique is skilled and authoritative. I urge anyone who wants to be sure of receiving excellent dental care to come here!!!